Tuolumne Park and Recreation District
The Tuolumne Park, Recreation and Parkway
District, was established on December 1st,
1955. Founding Board Members included
Henrietta J. Ronten, Walter Dungan, William
Talbert, Maurene A. Blake and William
Tate.One of the first goals of the District was to
purchase the Basin Creek Fish Hatchery. Marie
Rosier's active petitions to the governor of
California finally paid off and on the 29th of
August 1960 the district was granted title to the
property. This resulting acquisition became the
River Ranch Camp Ground.
In August of 1977 "Parkway" was dropped from the title and the Tuolumne Park and Recreation District was
relabeled. Our Community is fortunate to have many recreational assets. In the midst of town is a beautiful park
with a bandstand where summer concerts are held. On display in Depot Park ,you will find a turn of the century
locomotive that once ran a narrow railway deep into the woods for The Westside Flume and Lumber Company. To
the South stands The Veterans Memorial Hall and a Playground. Across Main Street you will find a Swimming Pool,
Youth Center, Library, Horseshoe Pits, a Multi-Use Field, a Little League Ball Park and the "Little Oasis" walking
path.  Farther away from the center of town is Reid Park, on the corner of Carter Street and Bay Avenue. At the edge
of town, on Carter Street, is our Community Garden. Just a little farther up the pavement, on Buchanan Mine Road
is the Westside Narrow Gauge Trail. From there 6 miles out Cottonwood Road, on the North Fork of the Tuolumne
River, is the River Ranch Campgrounds. Currently we are working with local agencies to facilitate a universally
accessible playground.  Our future plans include a community center, new restroom facilities and an up grade of the
existing  picnic area.