The 70th Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee
Do you have what it takes?
Do you have the strength, the grit and
the courage to take part in the 64th
Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee?

Well if you think so, we want to
welcome you to join in the fun and

For More Information call:
Aaron Rasmussen (209) 206 - 6768

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This years logging events include:

·     Axe Throwing Competitions

·     Hot Power Saw

·     Stock Power Saw

·     Choker Setting

·     Crosscut Sawing

    “Jack & Jill Events” (Man and Woman)

and not to be forgotten, the most exciting    
events of the show...

The “Bull of the Woods”

This rarely seen event features two
competitors standing toe to toe, duking it out
until one of them is knocked off the log on
which they are standing. Our lumber jubilee is
one of the only shows in the country that still
carries out this event and the people of
Tuolumne are very proud to continue the

The"Tug O’ War"

This test of a man's will, endurance and power
requires intense training. The "Tug of War" is
a traditional team contest and this Jubilee's
main event since it's inception. Ours is one of
two logging shows that still carry out this
ultimate feat of strength and as with
everything in Tuolumne, we are very proud of
its' continuing legacy.
Photos courtesy of Tuolumne City Museum and Mr. Ron Parker